Orico NS800U3 8 Bay 3.5" USB 3.0 Hard Drive Enclosure

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Milestone of Tool-free
Patent design of eight core magnetic Patented tool-free magnetic opening style makes changing hard disk smoothly. Compared to other mechanical doors, with the bult-in permanent magnet, you do not need to worry about the lifespan of mechanical door. The fluency of changing hard drives and stability is a revolutionary experience.

Synchronous support 80TB storage
Private enterprise capacity center With the growing of enterprise and personal important information, cloud disk transformation and data security, owning a private array storage system to permanently save the data becomes very necessary. ORICO offers 10TB, 2-bay, 4-bay, 5-bay, 8-bay, replaceable hard drives for high-capacity secure array storage, making critical data storage virtually unlimited. Synchronous support 80TB storage

Real USB3.0 main control solution, USAP protocol
5Gbps transmission, speed boosted again USB3.0 to SATA3.0 solution, theoretical speed is up to 5Gbps, support USAP protocol, increase transmission speed and reduce the CPU utilization, data delay and waiting time.

Thick aluminum body, stronger than ever
The thickest part of the product is 3.5 mm, which makes the storage system firm and reliable, suitable for various situations.

Large capacity
Upgraded 100V-230V wide voltage and 120W power supply, can maintain stable and keep data security when meet large power consumption or different environments. With 10TB capacity and the future updated capacity, you will be free from worrying about the space.

Wide compatibly
Compatible with Windows?Linux?Mac and other popular operation systems. Works well with laptop, Surface Pro, Smart TV, PS4, XBOX, HD smart set-top box as entertainment library.

Western Digital×ORICO
ORICO is the strategic partner of famous hard disk manufacturer, WD. AS the founder of enterprise-class hard drive-NASWare ®3.0, your external storage will be more reliable and high-speed. We recommend you to use the red series which is 7×24 high-speed, low-power consumption, fault-tolerant and anti-failure.

Product Code
Aluminum Alloy + ABS
Supported Capacity
10TB Single, 80TB Max
Supported System
B3.0 Type-B
5Gbps UASP (Theoretical Speed)
Power Supply
Blue LED Indicator
Tool Free
display_size_tablet 1 x Orico NS800U3 8 Bay 3.5" USB 3.0 Hard Drive Enclosure
ram_memory 1 Year
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