OKI ML1190 Plus Dot Matrix Printer- 43516924 (Item No : OKI ML1190 PTR)

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The no compromise, value for money 24 pin printer for demanding applications.

  • 24-pin dot matrix for faster, sharper printing
  • Suitable for more complex character requirements
  • Up to 330 characters per second print speed
  • High duty cycle and low maintenance means more productivity
  • Fast and dependable with 10,000 hours MTBF
  • Zero Tear Capability prevents waste
  • USB as standard for even more flexibility

These compact and robust dot matrix printers not only produce great resolution output but also come with proven, class leading reliability. With USB fitted as standard, businesses can now enjoy greater flexibility and seamless connectivity, without having to compromise on price or performance.

color_family Black
fragrance_family Speed & throughput Super speed draft (12cpi only) High speed draft (10 cpi) 333cps Utility (10 cpi) 250cps Letter quality (10 cpi) 83cps Fastest print speed 333cps
volume No
warranty_type Centronics Parallel, USB 2.0, Serial RS232
fragrance_family Automatic sheet loading, Short paper tear-off, Auto park feature
fragrance_family No
fragrance_family No
fragrance_family No
fragrance_family No
fragrance_family -
fragrance_family -
fragrance_family 220V-240V AC
fragrance_family 1 x OKI ML1190 Plus Dot Matrix Printer
fragrance_family Yes
fragrance_family -
fragrance_family Graphics resolution Up to 360 x 360 dpi
fragrance_family 150 x 349 x 232mm
fragrance_family Approx 4.2 kg
Video URL Top - friction fed cut sheet Rear - push tractor Bottom path - pull tractor
Video URL Continuous paper 76.2 - 254mm
Video URL No
volume -
Warranty Type2 -
Material No
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